Pandemic Lessons

Hi!! 😊

How has this pandemic been treating you? What new, amazing lessons have you learned recently?

It’s so incredible the lessons that can be learned in the season. On my Instagram account, I literally have a board named ‘Pandemic Lessons’ where I save posts that reiterate lessons that I have learned thus far. There are so many lessons!!

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Lately God has been teaching me humility.

I have been studying the Book of James and it has literally been moving me to tears. It has been such an awakening for me to see my flaws and struggles laid out in a book. But what makes me cry is that right there, God has provided an answer for my issues!

The Book of James has been convicting me big time. But it also lays out the truth of how to overcome and how to truly live this Christian life.

It has reawakened my love for the Word of God.

Humility is not an easy lesson to learn but more and more I have been seeing my inner struggle with Pride.

Pride can take so very many forms:

  • Always believing that you are right or have the right solution,
  • Planning your life in advance and making plans as if you know what tomorrow will bring,
  • Taking each day for granted,
  • Trying to fight your own battles,
  • Formulating a Plan A, B and C ‘just in case’,
  • Acting or moving forward before God gives the ok.

And there is so much more!

Ask God to help you identify the areas that you may be struggling with Pride. His responses may amaze you.

So I am slowing down and trying to pay attention to what HE wants me to do (not what I want to do). And would you believe one of the things that God reminded me about?

Learning how to play Guitar!

Whoa… guys…… guitar has been catching dust for about 1 year now (since I bought it last year! 🤦‍♀️) I have barely used it and clearly did not dedicate myself properly toward learning how to play it.

But now that I am home……it’s as if God is telling me “I told you to learn how to play this. Why did you stop? Time to start again”


So I have humbly obeyed my Heavenly Father. I downloaded an app to help me learn, and my first lesson was yesterday! Which means that my 2nd lesson will be today.

It feels good to start again!!

Mannnnnn it is amazing the things that we stop doing because of busy-ness and allow ourselves to walk outside of God’s will for our lives.

BUT…….when you realign yourself…….everything just falls into place! It feels amazing 😁

Time for a heart check you guys. What are you supposed to be doing right now, that you aren’t?

It’s time to connect with God again and walk in purpose.